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Junior Dance Lessons Balwyn North

Gay Wightman School of Dance’s Junior program welcomes children from age five to ten. Beginners are welcome, or existing students can build on the foundations they learned in kinder ballet and jazz. At this age, the focus is on understanding the most important elements of dance, while having a great time moving to the music and taking advantage of opportunities to perform on stage. Our teachers love getting to know our students as they grow through their primary school years.


Primary school ballet lessons

Junior Ballet teaches strong foundations for a future in dance, using the Vaganova based BMAAD curriculum with external exams under the Australasian Dance Assessment (ADA).. 

Children learn the different positions and basic moves of ballet, while having plenty of time for free movement and self-expression in every class.


Get moving and have fun

From age five to ten, young jazz dancers test their skills, learn new moves and master age-appropriate routines. 

Staying in time with the music and learning to perform together as a team are part of the experience throughout these fun and dynamic dance lessons. 


Move to the beat!

Fun, musicality and coordination are the focus with junior tap lessons. 

This discipline is essential for students who see themselves on stage one day, and for those who love the challenge offered by tapping.

Hip Hop

Fun & funky!

Got a little groover? Our popular hip hop classes are offered to children who wish to try something highly energetic. 

Hip hop is full of fun, fresh beats and the latest cool moves that kids love.

Musical Theatre

Sing it loud!

Does your child have stars in their eyes? Musical theatre introduces them to singing and acting as well as dance. 

We’ll introduce your child to this exciting world and many of the industry’s favourite songs and routines.

Body Conditioning / Pilates

Stretch & strengthen

Body conditioning helps children extend their body’s capabilities through stretching and strengthening. 

Our qualified teachers show students how to improve their flexibility in a safe and controlled environment. As a result of these classes, students are able to better understand and achieve what’s required of them across many dance disciplines.


Twist, bend and soar

Junior Acro classes introduce young children to acrobatic movement in a safe environment. 

Students learn age-appropriate tricks and understand how to control their bodies during challenging moves.

Get a Dance Lesson

Whether your goal is to reach the world stage or simply build new skills, we have a class for you. Get started with a dance lesson.