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Gay Wightman
School Of Ballet

Established in 1960, Gay Wightman School of Ballet is one of the leading dance institutions in Melbourne. Our respected, professionally-led school teaches ballet and dance to students of all ages in a positive and welcoming environment.

About Our Studio

Our newly refurbished studios are located in Balwyn North in Melbourne’s North East, Gay Wightman School of Ballet was opened by Gay Wightman in 1960 and quickly built a reputation as a prestigious dance institution. 

Sixty years later, the school is still known for producing professional dancers thanks to its high standards of teaching. 

Now sharing lessons across disciplines, we welcome students of all ages, from those who wish to pursue a professional career to young dancers who want to enjoy a healthy hobby with their friends. 

With a range of lessons and special programs on offer, plus many opportunities to perform onstage throughout the year, we are proud to be one of the most professional, well-rounded dance schools in the Melbourne area.

Professional Studios
To adult Students of all ages
Weekly Classes
Dance Training Special Programs
Dance Lessons Balwyn North
Ballet School Melbourne

Dance Is the Hidden Language of the Soul


Gay Wightman School of Ballet aims to provide the highest level of dance education and excellence to our students in an inspiring, nurturing and professional environment.

We provide the best service through our outstanding teaching team, clear communication and extensive student opportunities.


Our vision is to share and spread the benefits of a dance education. 

Classes at Gay Wightman School of Ballet are not only fun for children, they help build coordination while encouraging a sense of rhythm, fitness, musicality and self-expression.

Students master important self-discipline skills as they grow their confidence and abilities.

We inspire our students to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.


We are committed to the highest standards of honest and ethical behavior ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all.

We do the right thing and communicate openly and honestly.

We support each other through our successes, efforts and challenges recognizing the holistic needs of each individual. Our program and team focus on the physical, emotional and mental wellness of our studio family.

We show care for each other and prioritize wellness.

We aspire for progression and growth, promoting not only what students can accomplish but identifying who they become along the way. (on the journey)

We aim high with our personal goals and growth.

We celebrate and cherish our diversity recognizing that our differences give us the greatest opportunity for growth. We ensure a safe and supportive environment where everyone is treated with care and dignity (and fairness, equality, kindness).

We encourage self-expression and appreciate our differences.

We continuously strive for high standards in our habits our education, training and performance.

We strive to do everything to the best of our abilities.

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Alisa Finney

Our Director

Alisa took over as Artistic Director of Gay Wightman School of Ballet after her mother Gay retired in 1991. With experience in marketing and business management as well as considerable expertise in ballet training and dance administration, Alisa maintained the school’s reputation for excellence while expanding the dance training on offer.

A graduate of the Australian Ballet School’s Teacher Training Program and Director of the Melbourne Ballet Company, Alisa is a respected and sought after member of the Australian dance community.

Despite leading a highly professional dance school, Alisa endeavours to get to know each student. She is dedicated to sharing her passion for dance with as many young dancers as possible.