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What Our Clients Say

‘Professional, caring and dedicated – Absolute Perfection in a Dance School’ The Gay Wightman School of Ballet is an exceptional dance school. From the moment you walk into the door, it is like being with family – all the teachers are world class offering all children the opportunity to reach their full potential in all areas of dance. My daughter commenced with Gay Wightman this year – she has danced since she was 3.  To see her grow and improve so quickly within the year amazes me.  Under the guidance of Alisa and Sharon she has grown so much – I look forward to the future and seeing her to continue to grow with her dance. All the teachers are professional, dedicated and their attention to detail and discipline is second to none …. watching my daughters face light up each time she goes to dance melts my heart and watching each concert is absolutely mesmerising. So thrilled and grateful to be part of the school.  Such a delight.

Amber Hynes
“Our heartfelt congratulations for the amazing ballet we were privileged to watch on Saturday. It was truly an incredible production. The dancing, sets, costumes were absolutely exquisite.This was Lucy’s second concert which she loved again, and was still dancing when she got home and said “Oh Mummy, I just have ballet stuck in my heart!”. We feel truly blessed that Lucy has had Sharon as her teacher, watching Sharon dance on Saturday, she is a spectacular dancer and you certainly have a Ballet School that I know must fill you with pride”
Monique Burmeister

“You have done a brilliant job!! We thoroughly enjoyed the show… It was amazing!!! Thank YOU for putting on such a fantastic production…”

Linsee Yap
“My parents in law have never been to a professional ballet before and they were blown away that they could experience something so professionally managed and put together.”
Sarah Grieves

“A stunning performance on Saturday – my family just loved the show – well done!!!”

Louise Anderson

“I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Nutcracker with a Twist’ Everyone danced beautifully and the choreography was very clever – well done to you all.”

Jenny Senior
We throughly enjoyed the performance! The costumes, setting and choreography were fantastic and I was so thrilled to see both my daughter (Alegra) and my son watch the show with enthusiasm.”
Amanda Cumberbatch
“Congrats on an amazing show, we really appreciate the time and effort it takes to put on such a mammoth production. It was spectacular and one that the girls will remember forever. Well done to all.”
Mel Yiappos & family
“It was an amazing performance & a testament to your professionalism, passion & hard work. We thoroughly enjoyed the night & feel lucky to be part of such a great ballet school.”
Mary Stamitis
“Thank you so much for the wonderful concerts yesterday – Chloe loved every minute! It was amazing to watch everyone’s hard work come together to create such beautiful performances. I feel very lucky Chloe is part of the GWSB family.”
Jacinta Pace
“Wow what a great concert.Congratulations to you, the teachers and all your great support. The hard work really paid off, the sets and costumes looked absolutely fabulous, gorgeous!!”
Kristy Lumsden
“Congratulations, it was a wonderful concert and Sharon was breathtaking as always. I have been reminding Maddie every week how lucky she is to be seeing Sharon dance in all those rehearsals. Truly inspiring for all the girls.”
Belinda Hill
“What a wonderful performance it was! Such a unique show and I just loved everything about it, from the fun pre-show to the very entertaining Nutcracker. I can imagine how much work goes into the whole thing and I thank you and your wonderful team for all of your efforts. Pearl had such an amazing day & evening and will remember it for a long time to come, thanks again”
Sharon Drieberg
“Congratulations on such a fantastic production!! I felt like I should have been paying $160 for my dress circle seats rather than $40 something. I really felt like I had been to the ballet at the Arts Centre by the end of it having seen a pas de deux, soloists, guest dancers and of course the corps de ballet ! My only regret is I didn’t buy tickets for both the matinee and evening performances. The costumes were to die for too.
Congratulations once again. I was so impressed”
Sarah Grieves
“Such a great show last night, it was very entertaining. We are so proud of Kristy and her performance it’s amazing what goes on behind the scenes and we get to see our child show us her talent. Very moving night for all of us. Thankyou”
Vicki Bogdonovski

“Congratulations! It was an outstanding performance. Very proud of you all.”

Sophia Marinou

“Still have goosebumps from your wonderful performance.”

Fiona Zafirakos