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Special Programs

Gay Wightman School of Ballet offers a range of special programs to help our students get the best results from their dance training and meet their goals as a dancer. Our close relationship with the Melbourne Ballet Company and our teacher training programs mean we are able to offer exceptional dance education to our many students. Contact us for more information about our special programs.

Boys Only Ballet

Real men dance!

Boys Only Ballet introduces boys to their role on stage as dancers.

These stimulating classes teach the impressive moves, leaps and lifts required of male dancers, showing them how to dazzle an audience and push their limits without injuring themselves.

External Ballet and Jazz Exams

Meet An Extra Challenge

Students who wish to undertake extra exams outside of the Vaganova ballet and the jazz style we teach can do so with the support of our faculty.

The Australasian Dance Assessment (ADA) syllabus is an example of the extra exam training we offer.

Solo Coaching

Learn In Private

Private lessons are available from Gay Wightman School of Dance to students who wish to improve their skills, either before an exam or throughout the year.

Contact us to find a suitable time for individual dance lessons.

Summer Intensive

School Holiday Dance Training

Gay Wightman School of Ballet offers opportunities for motivated students to build their skills at summer intenstive programs in the USA and Europe.

Get in touch to find out about upcoming summer holiday programs.

VET / VCE Dance

VCE VET Dance at Gay Wightman School of Ballet

VCE VET Dance is a pre-vocational course, and will prepare you to audition for further (tertiary) training as dancer, dance teacher or choreographer. The course will give you a taste of what the industry is like so you can work out if you want to pursue dance as a career.If you successfully complete this course you will receive a Certificate II in Dance CUA20113. VET Dance is available as a VCE subject OR as part of a VCAL program.

Melbourne Ballet Company Extension Program

Elite Training Program

The Melbourne Ballet Company special, select only, group coaching classes and extension training program is offered by audition only for highly talented students from 6 – 18 years.

Student Teacher Education Program (STEP)

Training Future Leaders

Our goal in our incredible Student Teacher Training Program (STEP) is to nurture a student’s desire to teach ballet and dance. The STEP course will help students to identify the different aspects involved in being a Dance Educator. This course was first launched in 2001 and many graduates now have teaching, education and leadership positions all over the world.

Students who are interested in learning the art of teaching dance are encouraged to apply.

LEVEL ONE- Student Teacher Helper
Learn teaching of ADA Beginners Test, Pre Primary, Primary, Grade One

LEVEL TWO- Student Teacher Assistant
Learn teaching of ADA Grade 2, 3,4

LEVEL THREE- Associate Assistant Teacher
Learn teaching of ADA Grade 5, Pre Elementary, Elementary

LEVEL FOUR- Junior Teacher
Learn teaching of ADA Intermediate, Advanced and Solo Seal

Students will learn techniques how to break down steps and teach ballet technique and choreography.

Inquire About A Special Program

Contact us for more information about our special programs.