Whether your goal is to reach the world stage or simply build new skills, we have a program for you. Here are six reasons why you should book in a trial lesson with us today…

Learn to dance

Build your skills in a fun, friendly and welcoming environment.

Beautiful, modern studios

With full-length mirrors and fully sprung floors with tarkett, our studio is a professional training facility.

Family friendly and social

The world of dance offers the opportunity to build lifelong friendships.

Great for kids

Children who learn to dance build self-confidence while learning discipline and other life skills.

Get fit

Dance is a wonderful way to get fit without even realising you are working out!

Build technique

Have you ever wished you could master the moves you’ve seen on TV? Enrolling in lessons will help boost your skills.

Client Testimonial

‘Professional, caring and dedicated – Absolute Perfection in a Dance School’ The Gay Wightman School of Ballet is an exceptional dance school. From the moment you walk into the door, it is like being with family – all the teachers are world class offering all children the opportunity to reach their full potential in all areas of dance. My daughter commenced with Gay Wightman this year – she has danced since she was 3.  To see her grow and improve so quickly within the year amazes me.  Under the guidance of Alisa and Sharon she has grown so much – I look forward to the future and seeing her to continue to grow with her dance. All the teachers are professional, dedicated and their attention to detail and discipline is second to none …. watching my daughters face light up each time she goes to dance melts my heart and watching each concert is absolutely mesmerising. So thrilled and grateful to be part of the school.  Such a delight.

Amber Hynes
“Our heartfelt congratulations for the amazing ballet we were privileged to watch on Saturday. It was truly an incredible production. The dancing, sets, costumes were absolutely exquisite.This was Lucy’s second concert which she loved again, and was still dancing when she got home and said “Oh Mummy, I just have ballet stuck in my heart!”. We feel truly blessed that Lucy has had Sharon as her teacher, watching Sharon dance on Saturday, she is a spectacular dancer and you certainly have a Ballet School that I know must fill you with pride”
Monique Burmeister